New Generation Washing Machines

Every child has a large set of stuffed toys which they hold near to their heart! Each special occasion, like birthday adds to their collection. The appealing toys are appreciated even by elders and decorate our home. At the same time, they are often neglected and left unclean which causes many health problems.

Stuffed toys and stuffed animals collect dust and whirlpool 9.5 kg washing machine dirt fast. Bacteria and germs flourish on these favourite toys of children. When we consider the fact that our little ones play with these toys every day, we should put more attention to keeping them clean and germ free. We often find parents spot cleaning stuffed toys while others vacuum clean them to remove dust and dirt. However, washing machines have proven to be a better way to thoroughly clean the stuffed toys.

Luckily, most of the toys can be washed in the washer machine, today. However, battery operated toys and other toys with special instructions to be washed should not be put in the washer machines for cleaning. Toys meant to be dry-cleaned should be done so without doubt. Other wise, the toy will get destroyed. This content offers tips for cleaning toys made of fabric and fur that are washable.

Spot clean the toys with mild detergent if they have stains on it before putting them in to the washer machine. Giving the stained spots some wash is highly effective. The toy should be placed inside a fine wash protector and then dumped into the washing machine. It protects the toy from lint formation.

Delicate wash protector usually comes with a washing machine. In case, you do not have one you can use your pillow case as an alternative. In this way, your toy as well as your pillow case gets washed! The toy should be washed using the gentle cycle. Use mild detergent only. Using the delicate cycle and the smallest spin speed, wash the toy.

If the toy has a stink you can put some baking soda in to the bag or sprinkle it on the toy before placing it inside the washer. When the rinsing cycle is over, put in fabric conditioner so that the toy gets softened up and fluffy once again. However, you must be careful not to wash a large stuffed toy in the washer machine.

It may not allow the machine to rotate and tumble effectively. If the toys have unfastened buttons on it, it is better not to wash it in the washer until you sew them up. There is a chance that the buttons might come off and destroy the working of the washing machine.