Satta King Online – All You Need To Know About?


Satta King Online is a type of lottery game where players can choose from 00 to 99 based on the numbers. It is a popular game that involves putting a chip of the numbers in a pot and choosing the lucky numbers at random. Refer to the Satta Bazar table to check the lucky numbers.

Types of Satta King Online Games:

Satta King Online has many different betting and gaming options. Satta games are played every day and you can keep track of the past numbers. You can also become a regular if you are very good at games.

There are several Satta King Online games. There are different Satta King Online games, like Morning Janta, Milan Day, Balaji Day, Mahalaxmi Day, Rajdhani Day, Kuber Balaji, Kalyan Matka, Principal Rattan Bombay, Delhi Rajdhani Day, Milan Night, etc. games that are played in each of these markets sectors: Single, Jodi, Panna, Sangam, and Half Sangam. In each of them, you can choose 8-digit numbers with wagering requirements.

How to Bet on Satta King Online?

Satta King Online is a fairly simple lottery game and anyone over 18 can play, but you need to make sure you play responsibly, you need to start with a small amount, and then when you are confident, be able to play lottery games.

In India, Satta King Online is usually played for a lot of money and you can get rich playing it, you can go to a reputable agent who Satta king online will buy the Satta King lottery tickets on your behalf.

The company King publishes the random winning numbers and if your numbers match you are the winner. In the game Satta King, if you choose the numbers between 00 and 99, you can play Jodi, Single, and Crossing Games.


  • You can choose Satta King Number from 00 to 99 like 23, 34,45,52,22
  • If your lucky numbers match the Satta King Online numbers, then you win 900 times your bet amount.


  • You can pick Satta Number from 0 to 9 Ander (A) and Bahar (B) like 3A, 4B.
  • If your chosen lucky numbers match the Satta King Online results, then you win up to 90 times your bet amount.


  • Meaning here you multiply two numbers. Like 3×3, so you pick 9 numbers. Or, 4×4, so you choose 16 numbers.
  • If your chosen lucky numbers match the Satta King Online results, then you win up to 900 times your bet amount.

Where to bet on Satta King Online Games?

As we know, Satta King Online games are played through brokers or agents. If you visit a reputable Satta King agent’s website, you can ask them to buy the ticket for you and select the numbers. You can choose the different games and, accordingly, the agent will buy tickets for you.

It’s good to try different games each time and try to play multiple games each time rather than just one game at a time. Sometimes trying different games will help you know the likelihood of how the numbers may appear.